Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Lunar New Year

Recent events had taken huge chunks of morale away from me resulting in the above sombre greeting.

Please allow me to rant.

Just a week ago, my dad was admitted to the hospital for severe infection due to him being in the terminal stage of cancer. The doctors didn't have much hope of him making it pass Chinese New Year. Thankfully, not only did he manage to fight off the infection, he even made a remarkable recovery in order to be granted a short and sweet 6 hrs discharge from the hospital.

Just in time for reunion dinner.

Although I tried to be cheerful during dinner, the fact that this is going to be the last reunion dinner with my dad did not elude me. The thought of having the last few meals with a love one have never ever crossed my mind till today and I never knew it would feel so excruciatingly painful.

Prior to my dad diagnosis with cancer, my family had another episode with cancer. That was my mum then and when it was discovered, she was already in the 3rd stage. Miraculously, she survived even though the doctors did not pin much hope.These two close encounters with death have made me realise the fragility of life and thus, set me thinking about how I would like my life to pan out.

Do I want to live a life so frugal and deprive of material comfort that I will regret when I pass on?

No, I do not want to... I will aim for a healthy balance while showering love on my love ones, specifically my mum.Therefore, while my wish of having sufficient passive income will still proceed on, I hope it will never be at the expenses of my family.

I know this sound cliche but still, do cherish your love ones guys, for life is indeed unpredictable.

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