Sunday, 5 February 2012

Portfolio Update: Feb'12

I made some alteration to the layout. Added the 'dividend collected' column to shows the total amount of dividends I have collected from the holding. I have also removed the 2 numismatic gold coins since they were brought mainly because the collection of numismatic coins is my hobby rather than wealth growth/protection. In future, only intrinsic precious metal bullion would be displayed in the 'precious metal' category.

For this month, I did not commit much action to my portfolio except to add in additional funds of $2000. I am currently still in the preliminary stage of reviewing SMRT to decide if I should divest from it. The core of the management team of SMRT looks pretty strong at this moment to me thou.

Keppel, Hyflux, SGX, ComfortDelGro, Starhill Global Reits and Cache Reits have also piqued my interest recently. What does this entails you ask? This means that Limpeh will be kept pretty busy in the months to come because I will be learning to assess all this stocks:(

Haisss.. The path to financial freedom is not easy at all. Why doesn't monies fall from the sky??

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