Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Portfolio Update: Feb'15

Heh heh.. another month of procrastination in posting my monthly portfolio updates :P Not a very good habit to form right at the start of the year yea:(

BUT.. that's not without any valid reason! My reasons for the delay this month is due to:
  • 3nos school project to be submitted during this period. 
  • Revamp of the MS Excel spreadsheet that used to only track my equities performance. The revised MS Excel now tracks my total assets as well as provides me with a summary of my assets allocation! Very handy as I have set out an assets allocation strategy for this year (read here)
Now that the above have been completed, I'll get right back to business! #justsaying

For the month of Feb'15, my total assets read as below:

So what did I do for Feb'15?

I ..

1) Partial Sale of Fortune Reit

Fortune Reit has went up by a lot, much above my expectation since my initial purchase price of $1.0209. Hence, I sold off 1600shares of Fortune Reit to lock in some profit, making a gain of about 45%. That's the largest gain I ever received by the way:)

Selling Fortune Reit will also reduce my holdings in holding 'Income Stocks' and allow me to have a bigger pile of cash to invest in STI ETF. This is part of my asset allocation strategy for 2015 and I am merely aligning to the strategy (read here).

2) Making a Small Purchase of STI ETF
My initial plan was for me to purchase STI ETF in 3 tranches whenever it is down by 10% or at certain periods of the year.

However, I saw STI ETF steadily increase in price from Jan'15 to Mar'15. With each passing day, my fingers itch to click on the 'buy' button for my 1st tranche of STI ETF. Which is making me really uncomfortable and giving me sleepless nights.

Hence, I came to a final decision to take a really really small bite of STI ETF by purchasing 300 shares at $3.45. The next day, the price started coming down and now it is stuck at below $3.40 :(

hahah.. the woes of an inexperience small time retail investor!

However, I gained something good out of this small lesson. I manage to sleep better at night since I do not have the niggling feeling to make any purchase anymore. Rational. I think I became slightly more rational after this episode :D

On another note, I guess I'll have to learn how to better manage the emotional part of being a retail investor.  

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