Monday, 6 April 2015

Portfolio Update: Mar'15

March'15 had passed rather quickly and I did not make any foray into the market this month.

I blame it on the boring market condition where the prices appear to moving sideways. AND my laziness of course:p

There is another genuine reason of course and that is the fact that my choice of purchase is pretty limited. This is because I am only looking at purchasing the STI ETF as part of my assets allocation strategy for 2015 (read here for my 2015 strategy).

As we can see from the screenshot below, the STI ETF makes up only 5.25% of my equities portfolio which is far below the targeted 50% required for my strategy.

Hence, for April'15, I will aim to purchase about S$3000 worth of STI ETF shares.

I have decided to keep the bulk of my warchest for the latter part of the year when the US Fed raises the interest rate (which has been longggggggggg spoken about since 2 years back). Hopefully, the market direction will be clearer upon the raising of the interest rates.

If the market direction stills appear murky after the US Fed raises the interest rate, I will.. hmm.. I will.. hmm.. I will..  I will

Shucks! I really have no absolute idea:(

Guess I need more education in investing yea. Any mentor willing to guide me? :D

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