Friday, 8 May 2015

Portfolio Update: April'15

During my March'15 portfolio update, I stated that I will seek to purchase about $3000 worth of STI ETF for the month of April'15.

Guess what?

I chickened out when I notice the price of STI ETF hitting a high of up to $3.54 for the month of April'15. That is the highest the STI ETF has reached for the year of 2015.

Hence, I only made a purchase of 300 shares of STI ETF; which works out to about $1000. This leaves me with a balance of about $2000 which I may utilize when the STI ETF falls by about 10% from its last high. Thus, when the STI ETF hits a low of about $3.18, I can choose to make a additional purchase of about $2000.

Otherwise, if the markets continue to move sideways without any big price movement, I will just continue to make monthly purchase of about $1000 worth of STI ETF shares.

And now, please see below for the update of my growing portfolio(just a little) as of April'15:)

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