Monday, 1 June 2015

Portfolio Update: May'15

Hi fellow peons, notice any changes to my monthly update for May'15?

Yup, I have decided to 'show-hand' even more of my assets this time round by showing my cash assets too.

This will allow my readers to see the overall progress of a young and ordinary Singaporean path to financial freedom!

Just to recap; I am in my late 20s and I started this financial journey with only about $8,000 in my pockets. After 7 years, I have grown my total assets to about $43,600. This was achieve while paying off the loan for my polytechnic education and my part-time degree course. There is also the 'love' payment for a diamond ring and the deposit put down for the booking of wedding dinner venue (most heart-wrenching expenses of all).

Portfolio updates for the month of May'15:

  • No additional purchase of equities or bonds was made.

  • Received dividends of $118.50 from Lippomalls REIT.

  • Received dividends of $50.40 from Starhill REIT.

  • Injected $500 into my cash portfolio 

Actions I will take for June'15:

  • Now that the price of my target equity, the STI ETF, has fallen to $3.43, I will be making purchase of 300 shares if the price continue to stay below $3.50.

  • Should the price of STI ETF drop to $3.18, which is a 10% drop from its last high of $3.54, I  will make a purchase of about $3000 worth of STI ETF.  

And this is it. My updates for May'15:)

Watch this space as I will prove to you how an ordinary guy like me can achieve financial freedom for my family and me!  

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