Saturday, 6 February 2016

Portfolio Updates: January'16

Oh wow, what a month! If you have been following the news, you would know that the market did very badly within the 1st week of the year.

To think that I was recently anal enough to boast of outperforming the market for 2015. Within days of posting my self-glorifying post, Mr Market made me regret putting that blogpost up :(

But hey! Not everything is dark and gloomy!

Initially, I thought that my portfolio would be down by about 20% in the recent market crash. However, thanks to two lucky buys (Saizen REIT and Fortune REIT), my overall portfolio loss has been kept to below 5%.

Although it can be claim that my asset allocation strategy is working as my portfolio did not do that badly as expected, I would rather attribute it to good luck. 

Honestly, I did not do much analysis of the two buys other than ensuring that they fulfill the following metrics when I made my purchase:

- Purchase price lower than Net Assets Value (NAV) 
- Gearing Ratio less than 35%
- Yield of more than 5%
- Consistent or improving Distribution Per Unit (DPU) on a year-on-year basis
And some other general study of their management and the market trends.

So yea, those two were really lucky buys and I can claim no credit to that. 

Anyhow, here's a look at my portfolio as of Jan'16.

Portfolio updates for the month of January'16:

  • Purchase 400 shares of Sembcorp Industries at $2.65 apiece (and watched it drop by 20% in the next few days. Scary time indeed!) 

  • $400 in cash was injected into the portfolio.  

Actions I will take for February'16:

  • If the price of STI ETF drops below $2.40, I will make another purchase of about $2400 worth of STI ETF. This will bring the average price of my STI ETF purchase to below $3.

  • Continue my purchase of VWRD by investing my second tranche of S$5000 when the price of the VWRD drops to USD$54.72, which is a 20% drop from my last purchase price of USD$68.40.

  • The third and last tranche of S$4000 will be vested when the price of VWRD drops to USD$38.30, which is a drop of 30% from the last purchase price of USD$54.72.

  • In the event that the VWRD and STI ETF does not drop to my target price, I will rebalance my portfolio in the month of May'16 and Nov'16 accordingly to my asset allocation strategy.

A snippet of my staycation at Quincy Hotel earlier in this month. And yes, the stay was awesome!

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