Thursday, 2 July 2015

Portfolio Update: June'15

Hello my fellow-peons-who-are-not-born-rich-but-want-to-be-rich!

Another quiet month has gone past and now it is time for my regular monthly portfolio update.

Portfolio updates for the month of June'15:

  • Purchase 300 additional shares of STI ETF for $3.39 apiece. This brings the average price down to $3.46 for my total shares of STI ETF.
  • $1000 cash was withdrawn from the portfolio to be transfer to a joint saving account with my fiancee (had to do it in order to get a peaceful night sleep >.< )

  • Transferred $3000 cash to my trading account (Philip MMA) in preparation of future shares purchase.

  • No dividends was received.

Actions I will take for July'15:

  • As per my May'15 activity, I will make additional purchase of 300 shares if the price of STI ETF continue to stays below $3.50.

  • If the price of STI ETF drops below $3.40, I will make another additional purchase of 300 shares.

  • Should the price of STI ETF drop to $3.18, which is a 10% drop from its last high of $3.54, I  will make a purchase of about $3000 worth of STI ETF. 

  • Lastly, I will be on the lookout to purchase equities with growth potential. These growth stock will constitute 10% of my equities portfolio as per my asset allocation planning for year 2015 (refer here)   

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