Monday, 20 July 2015

Goals Review and Setting - Mid 2015

Hello to all fellow peons working hard to attain financial independence!

It is time to do a mid-year review of my goals for 2015.

Let us have a look at my progress, revise my goals and determine which are the goals that require more efforts from me. 

And here goes my mid-year goals review for Year 2015!

Goal - Increase Monthly Dividends Income to $150  

My monthly dividends income at the end of June'15 is only $38.45Even if I account for the dividends I will receive for the rest of the year, I highly doubt that I will achieve my target of receiving monthly dividends of $150.

My initial goal of obtaining $150 in monthly dividends will be revised downwards to $120. Reason being that in order to increase my dividends income, I have to
  1. Purchase more equities that gives out dividends; OR
  2. My current portfolio of equities will have to increase their dividends yield.  
However, instead of purchasing high yielding dividends equities, I sold part of them in Feb'15 as per my asset allocation strategy (read here). This will slightly reduce the amount of dividends I will receive for Year 2015.

Additionally, I do not foresee my current portfolio of equities to significantly increase their dividends yield.

Hence, in view of the above factors, my goal for my monthly dividends income has been revised to $120.

Goal - Get Through My Studies Without Failing  

Thanking my lucky stars because I almost failed one module!

Luckily, I passed all my modules for my first semester (Jan-Jun'15). For the upcoming semester (Jul-Dec'15), I will be taking 3 modules.

After that, I will just be 2 modules away from graduating!

I have to admit that I could have put in more effort in my studies. If I had done so, I would not be so close to failing one of my modules.

Hence, this blog post will serve as a reminder for me to BUCK UP and stop being a LAZY ASS!


Goal - Posting At Least Two Blog Post Per Month

I have posted 9 blog post from Jan'15 to June'15. This means I am 3 blog post short of my target of putting up 2 blog post per month.

Once again, let me confess that my laziness is causing me to fall behind my target. This goal is one of the easiest to achieve and therefore I MUST NOT FAIL!

I will squeeze out 24 blog post by the end of the year no matter what!

Goal - Make New Friends With Two People Having Interest In Financial Literacy

True to my nature of being a socially awkward member of the online community, I failed to make any friends online.

Yup. Zero friend.

To address my lack of activities and effort in making friends online, I will put into actions the 2 following plans:
  1. Create an account at the forum, Hardwarezone, to participate in online discussions. The ultimate aim is to start a thread myself and invite people to throw questions at me regarding financial matters.
  2. Start posting constructive comments on other financial blogs that I follow.
Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will start chatting with friends with interest in financial literacy on a regular basis:D

Goal - Career Advancement In My Regular Job

My boss told me during my appraisal that my performance was excellent and he is very please with me. BUT he feels that I am not ready for the next level yet as I am with the company for only a year #@$!@#$%@!%

Hence, he told me to wait and he is sure I will be promoted some day. Yup, that is his exact words.

What a load of crap! He might as well not say anything cause what he said infuriates me.

Nonetheless, there is nothing much I can do except to continue delivering excellent performance while bidding my time to complete my studies.

Hopefully, once I have graduate next year, I will have been promoted. If not, I hope my newly acquire degree will be put to use in opening more doors in my career.

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