Thursday, 31 December 2015

Portfolio Updates: December'15

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year friends!

Guess we all had a hell loads of fun in recent days, exchanging gifts, feasting and most importantly, meeting up with friends and relatives to usher in the festive periods.

That is why I burned a hole in my wallet and have to tighten my belt in the coming days :(

Luckily, I implemented the system of 'paying myself first', and separate the monies I have for spending from my portfolio assets. Hence, my portfolio asset was not affected.

On the market front, the STI ETF, which I have always been monitoring and nibbling at, fell to $2.89 at one point, which made it extremely tempting for me to purchase. However, I followed my plans made during November'15,  and only got in at $2.95 during the last week of this month.   

I am not entirely sure if following the plans so strictly will be any good. I guess I will only know how well this system will work only with time and experience. any you have any advise for me?

Anyway, I'll be quick for my last portfolio update for 2015 which is as follow :D

Portfolio updates for the month of December'15:

  • Purchase 700 additional shares of STI ETF at $2.95 apiece. This brings the average price down to $3.13 for my total shares of STI ETF.

  • $700 in cash was injected into the portfolio. 

  • Received my first dividends from the global ETF, the VWRD, which comes up to a grand total of.... $23.26

Actions I will take for January'16:

  • In the super unlikely event that the price of STI ETF drops to $2.065, which is a 30% drop from the last purchase price of $2.95, I will make another purchase of about $2000 worth of STI ETF.

  • Continue my purchase of VWRD by investing my second tranche of S$5000 when the price of the VWRD drops to USD$54.72, which is a 20% drop from my last purchase price of USD$68.40.

  • The third and last tranche of S$4000 will be vested when the price of VWRD drops to USD$38.30, which is a drop of 30% from the last purchase price of USD$54.72.

  • In the event that the VWRD and STI ETF does not drop to my target price, I will rebalance my portfolio in the month of May'16 and Nov'16 accordingly to my asset allocation strategy.

Portfolio Allocations
Equities Allocations
(25% STI ETF, 25% VWRD)
Income Stocks
Growth Stocks


Photo of Melaka river, taken at dusk during my last oversea trip to Malacca, Malaysia.

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