Thursday, 10 December 2015

Portfolio Updates: November'15

November came and went like the wind and so did my memory.

Seriously, by writing such a late blogpost now, I really cannot recall any significant financial highlights for November. All I seem to remember was that the price for the STI ETF, which I have been monitoring for some time now, appears to be declining for the month of November.

Hence, I made an additional purchase of about $2000 worth of STI ETF since the price remains at below $3.00 at the end of Nov'15.

Which is part of my plan! I am sticking to the plan I made during October'15.

Let's see where does 'sticking to plans' bring us in the future. But for now, let's have a glance at my Nov'15 portfolio summary:

Portfolio updates for the month of November'15:

  • Purchase 700 additional shares of STI ETF at $2.92 apiece. This brings the average price down to $3.17 for my total shares of STI ETF.

  • $500 in cash was injected into the portfolio. 

  • Received dividends from the following counter which was injected back into the portfolio:
         - Lippomalls REIT - $115.50
         - Starhill REIT - $52.40


Actions I will take for December'15:

  • In the super unlikely event that the price of STI ETF drops to $1.988, which is a 30% drop from the last purchase price of $2.84, I will make another purchase of about $2000 worth of STI ETF. 

  • If the price of STI ETF remains below $3.00 until the last week of December, I will make additional purchase of about $2000 worth of STI ETF.

For my investment in a Global ETF, which is the VWRD, I have the following plans:

  • Continue my purchase of VWRD by investing my second tranche of S$5000 when the price of the VWRD drops to USD$54.72, which is a 20% drop from my last purchase price of USD$68.40.   
  • The third and last tranche of S$4000 will be vested when the price of VWRD drops to USD$38.30, which is a drop of 30% from the last purchase price of USD$54.72.

  • In the event that the VWRD does not drop to my target price of USD$54.72 and USD$38.30, the second tranche of S$5000 and the final tranche of S$4000 will be vested by the end of March'16 and the end of June'16 respectively.

As mentioned in my previous post, I shall post a photo taken by my iPhone for every single blog post being put up.

Here's one for this blog post! :D

Having tea at this quaint little cafe located at Jonker Street, Malacca. 

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