Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goals Review and Setting - 2016

As 2015 draws to an end, it is time to review the goals I made for 2015

There are some hits and misses with the goals I set. Nonetheless, I am still glad that I have put down my goals in writing as I can see some improvement in my life compared to the period when I was goal-less.

Anyhow, here's my goal review for 2015!

1) Increase Monthly Dividends Income to $150

My monthly dividends income at the end of Dec'15 hits a grand total of only $100.58. Quite some way off from my target of $150.

I'm not giving excuses, but it's probably because I partially divested from one high-yielding counter earlier in Feb'15, and I sat on my cash pile for the majority of the year without making my monies work for me.

Gotta make my monies work harder for me for 2016!

      2) Get Through My Studies Without Failing  

      I passed all the modules I took! By a comfortable margin to boot! However, still some ways to go from acing my modules and results can be better if I put in more effort.

          3) Posting At Least Two Blog Post

          I have posted a total of 21 blogpost this year, which is still 3 posts away from my target for this year.

          Nevertheless, we can all see how goal setting is helping me as the total blogposts I put out for 2015 far exceeds the numbers I put out for the previous three years combined.

              4) Make New Friends With Two People Having Interest In Financial Literacy

                  Nil. Zilch. Nada. 

                  I have made no new friends with similar interest in financial literacy. Despite repeatably reminding myself to be more outspoken online, I failed to take the initiatives to mingle more with people who are financially literate.

                  Whats more, I kinda like being myself and not molding myself into a different persona just so that I can make friends online. If a genuine friendship occurs, great! awesome!

                  Otherwise, then too bad. I guess I'll just be a silent stalker and glean some wisdom off the blogs of financially wise individuals then.


                  5) Career Advancement In My Regular Job

                    Well, I did not get promoted. After all, how could I still be promoted after the conversation I had with my previous boss

                    Did I just say previous boss? 

                    Yupp I certainly did! 

                    After getting my increment and bonus from my previous job, I made the decision to change job, with an increment of about 7.5% to boot!

                    Okay. While the increment was not much, I just felt great leaving an organization where I do not feel valued and was not given much opportunity to grow. 

                    And it gives (yes, gives, not gave, cause it's still giving me:p) me immerse pleasure when I told my non-appreciative boss that I'm giving him the boot!

                    With 2015 gone, we should look forward to 2016 with renewed optimism. After all, we are one year older and one year wiser. With the lessons learned, 2016 should be a more rewarding year for us! 

                    For 2016, I have set the following goals:

                    1) Increase Monthly Dividends Income to $200  

                    This is one my main goal and I hope that eventually, the dividends that I obtain will be able to fully cover my living expenses.

                    At $200 a month, my current portfolio will have to yield about 5.21%. Which is quite achievable provided that I sought out income yielding equities during early 2016, and not leave it till late like what I did for 2015.

                    2) Graduate and Score 2 A's for My Last Two Modules  

                    I am two modules away from graduating and I want to give it my best shot, hopefully graduating with at least a 2nd Lower Class Honours.

                    3) Posting A Blogpost Every Week

                    Well... if my 2015 goal of two blogpost a month yielded me 21 blogpost, imagine how many more blogpost I can produce if I set myself a target of posting weekly!

                    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

                    Norman Vincent Peale

                    4) Increase View Count to 10,000 

                    Okay.. a very ambitious goal I admit. But hey, I did not pluck out this figure from thin air!

                    To have a good shot of hitting 10,000 views, I will have to acquire skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing, which are very practical skills to possess in our current new age economy anyway.

                    I think.


                    5) Remain in my Current Job Unless Elsewhere Offers Increment of 25%

                    Hmm. This is not really a goal but more of a reminder to myself.

                    I have been changing jobs ever so frequently, with most job stints lasting less than a year. This does not look very good on my resume and additionally, I have remained in the same position, with no additional job responsibilities,  despite my multiple job hops.

                    Which means that I'm basically hopping on the same stones again and again. Pointless.

                    Hence, I endeavor to remain in my current job for at least 2 years, unless another positions offers an increment of at least 25% over my current package.

                    I have come to the end of my goal review and setting friends. Hope that everyone has achieved what you endeavor for this year, and wishing everyone success for 2016!

                    Happy New Year!And enjoy the upcoming long weekend!

                    Damn, I am going to miss this long holiday :( Don't you?


                    Photo taken during Christmas period at Garden by the Bay, Singapore. My country can be so mystically beautiful too!

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