Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Portfolio Updates: April - May'16

Okay. I'm late and irregular with my blogpost again, which is not a surprise really.

Can't think of any further excuses so I'm not going to make any up. Take it that I'm plain lazy😌

Anyway, the market has been rather boring for the month of Apr-May'16. Maybe it's due to my lack of wisdom and effort, I was either not able to detect any buying opportunities, or I was hesitant in making buy calls on the stocks I have shortlisted.

As it is the month of May'16, I had to make purchase of ETFs as detailed in my earlier asset allocation strategy. Hence, I made a no-brainer purchase of 55 shares of VWRD during May'16.

On a side note, I have been reading up on several other prominent financial blogs, especially on our "pioneers" in the financial blogosphere. As a novice, reading these blogs is certainly enriching and most importantly, making me much more aware on what I do not know, fueling the hunger in me to learn more.

Thanks to all "pioneers"! Hope you guys will continue with your sharing for I certainly appreciate it:)

Okay, so back to the point of this blogpost; an overview of my portfolio thus far.


At this rate, I might be able to hit $50k for my porfolio if the market does not crash and burn for the coming months.

But then again, if it does crash and burn, I will capitalise on  it with my puny warchest.

So do I want the market to crash further, like perhaps up to 30% more? 

Hmm. Can't decide for now. Opps.

But hey c'mon, cut me some slack. I have never faced such epic downtrend while I'm still vested in the market at my current level.

I'll share my thoughts on this when such crash happen and IF I happen to survive it;)

Hokay.. Back to my portfolio below:

Portfolio updates for the month of April - May'16:

  • Received dividends from the following counters which was injected back into the portfolio:
         - Lippomalls REIT - $124.50
         - Sembcorp Industries - $24.00

  • $600 was deposited into the portfolio.         

  • Purchased 55 shares of VWRD, which is an ETF coverings common stocks all around the world, at a price of $88.59 per share. With this purchase, I have a total of 115 VWRD shares, all with an average entry price of $92.44.         

Actions I will take for June'16:

  • If the price of STI ETF drops below $2.40, I will make another purchase of about $2400 worth of STI ETF. This will bring the average price of my STI ETF purchase to below $3.

  • S$2000 will be vested into VWRD when the price of VWRD drops to USD$46.18, which is a drop of 30% from the last purchase price of USD$65.97.
  • If I follow my asset allocation strategy strictly, I have to make further entries of approximately $1250 each for stocks in my Income Stocks and Growth Stocks categories. For a start, I will begin with the assessment of Far East Hospitality REIT, Ascendas Hospitality Trust, Aimsamp REIT, ARA Management, Kingsmen Creative, Sembcorp Industries and Ho Bee Land. Expect more blogpost in the coming days as I complete my novice assessment of these stocks;)

  • In the event that the VWRD and STI ETF does not drop to my target price, I will rebalance my portfolio in the month of Nov'16 accordingly to my asset allocation strategy.

Visited Kombi Rock recently, which is an unique cafe filled with various vintage trinkets and vehicles ( think vintage volkswagon vans) ! 

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